FOLLA the most popular & trusted brand offering FM-1600 Loose Note Counting Machine with the various features such as trouble-free to maintain, high performance level and high quality with the AUTO, MANUAL and DD function with Beautiful LCD screen display. Additionally, FM 1600 has the function to detect fake notes simply it turned to red when it detect the fake notes. Like FM 1100 & FM 1200, It has the power of automatic detecting using UV(Ultraviolet )and Magnetic while counting Notes and also with upgradeable software feature.

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Ease of Use

The FM-1100PLUS in FM Series is a Compact High Speed Currency Counters are intended for use in small to mid-volume applications. Designed for operator convenience, the intuitive control panel features batching & adding along with buttons for commonly used features.

High Speed

These counters operate at a counting speed of 1000 banknotes per minute. Counting tasks that would have taken hours are now reduced to just minutes.

Precision Accuracy & Reliable Counting

FOLLA Currency Counters are engineered with fully automated, advanced screening capabilities to thoroughly detect errors including double notes(IR-Infrared), chain notes, half notes,width detction(DD), etc. Our counters ensure the most accurate total counts and are designed to offer years of trouble-free operation.

Advanced Counterfeit Detection

Select models offer an advanced counterfeit detection system designed to pinpoint suspect counterfeit banknotes featuring ultraviolet (UV) detection for banknote paper properties and dual magnetic (MG,MT) detection for banknote ink properties,PRE-2005 note detection.The display will change to RED when detect Fake notes.

Compact Size

The FM-1100 offers similar functions and features as many larger machines but in a compact space saving design & with 270degree rotary dispaly. Even with its smaller size, the Mini still offers the performance and durability you expect from FOLLA. Suitable for mosat curriencies in the world such as INR,EURO,U.S.Dollar,etc..

Counting Speed:> 1,000Pcs / min Cafe's
Size of Countable Note:50mm x 100mm / 90mm x 180mm Super Markets
Bank notes Thickness Range:0.075 - 0.15mm Fruit Shops
Dimensions:310mm x 260mm x 210mm Boutiqes
Net Weight:5.0KGS (1Pc) Restaurants
Size of Gift Box:345mm x 300mm x 245mm Multiplex
Gross Weight:6.0KGS (1Pc) Malls
Power Supply:AC 220V, 50-60Hz Retails
PowerConsumption:< 70W Showrooms
HopperCapacity:300pcs Bus
StackerCapacity:200pcs Railways & Airport CountersEtc., ( Small & Medium Scale enterprises

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